travis kerkela
the sulphur goatguy in a cagewardenclyffe towerphoboswasp nesthanging carcass mouth paintingmothblossomgirl standingspider webwigrodent in a cageBubbles - from "Homage to Trailer Park Boys Series"jellyfishupside down girlmannequinhouseicecarouroborusdeep sea tubewormscrying facesnake pile or pile of oroborousgirl with long neckboy and girlskeleton happily giving birthguy in tubuntitiledtwo guys on a logjumpsuit drawingjohn chiaracrowdcrowd drawing 2camper drawingcage chairleopard slugs matingwoundguy sittingfruitstand
born 1980 Negaunee, Michigan

2003 BFA Michigan State University

2005 MFA California College of the Arts

Currently lives in San Francisco, Ca

artist statement:

to me painting is like making a distillation of one's sensibilities