travis kerkela
The Alembic
show at Incline Gallery with Joey Enos and Andrew Mills, April 26th - May 26th 2013
april 27th 2012
I will be having a show of small paintings titled "Fromage" in a sound collaboration with Collin McKelvey in the 528hz frequency. 31 Rausch st. San Francisco april 27th 2012 6-9pm.
november 2011
I have a couple of pieces of artwork in issue #5 of Caliban online literary journal at
Spectacular Beasts
I will be showing with two remarkable artists; Sandra Yagi and Scott Greenwalt on May 6, 2011 at the Incline Gallery, San Francisco. Curated by Al Cosio and Monique Delaunay.
Something From Nothing
Showing a painting and a drawing at the Incline Gallery on Valencia and 19th. Curated by Christo Oropeza. December 4th 2010
just trying to build up a body of work at the moment. thanks for taking the time to check it out!